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The Absolutely, Positively, Best Way To Get Outstanding Results With Your Golf Swing

The Absolutely, Positively, Best Way To Get Outstanding Results With Your Golf Swing

Working on the PGA Tour and with Phil Mickelson has brought me great insight onto how success occurs in professional golf.

I’m sure we’ll agree that all the players in the professional ranks have incredible talent. I also know that talent alone will not win tournaments at this level. It is often said that any one of the players on Tour can win any week.

What I have noticed over the years of what separates the professional from the amateur golfer is not only talent but the intense desire to improve.

Every single player at this level has a burning desire to compete and win. In order for the wins to pile up, a certain mind set must be in place.

The mind set is one of constant improvement. You’ll probably agree that any successful person or business has the same mindset.

Highly successful people and businesses review their current state of affairs and determine where they can improve. It is no different on the PGA Tour.

The best of the best review their current golf game and determine where they can improve.

I would suggest as a golfer, you do the same. Take a good look at your overall golf game.

Ask Yourself:

1) “What is my current golf and body reality?”

2) “Where do I need to improve?”

3) “What plans must be in place to improve?”

4) “How am I going to go about implementing that plan?”

5) You also need to ask yourself, “If it were easy, what would my golf game and fitness level look like?”

The answers to these questions could be plentiful and may include:

§ Improving your swing mechanics

§ Increasing your golf fitness

§ Performing putting drills 3 times a week

The point to keep in mind is the answers are yours.

The answers will allow you to develop goals for your golf game. The goals are marks that you set to achieve.

The goals can be as simple as going to the driving range 2 times per week or more demanding to the point of lowering your handicap by 5 strokes.

Goals allow focus, create motivation, and lend themselves to improvement in your golf game.

I have found it best to set up a series of goals.

For example, one set of goals are focused towards improvement of your golf swing, a second set is related to improving your fitness levels, and another set on improving your scores.

In addition to setting up a “tier system” of goals, a time line in terms of meeting your goals is of great assistance.

This creates an opportunity for better focus to develop within your mind. In addition, it creates motivation and an uplifting experience once a goal is met.

After asking the hard questions and setting goals it is time to “get the ball rolling.” This happens through the development of a plan.

The plan is intended to create a structured approach to improving your golf game. It sets a path to follow in reaching your goals of improvement in your golf game.

Certain thoughts to keep in mind when developing your plan are realistic time commitments, physical abilities, and playing time.

A plan must realistically fit into your life, direct you to your goals, challenge you, and be an enjoyable process.

If the plan you set up requires immense commitments of time, is “not fun”, and is not results oriented. The plan will ultimately fail.

Once the plan fails, the goals become unachievable, your golf game suffers, and mentally you become defeated.

It is of the utmost importance your plan is realistic and focused on you achieving your goals.

For example, a plan to improve your golf game could look something like the following example:

Name: Joe Golfer


1. Improve Driving Distance by 20 yards.

2. Become More Flexible.

3. Improve Putting Stroke

4. Loose 10 lbs.

5. Lower Handicap 4 strokes

Weekly Plan:


§ Flexibility Exercises

§ Driving Range Practice Session


§ Aerobic Exercise

§ Putting Drills


§ Flexibility Exercises

§ Driving Range Practice Session

§ Aerobic Exercise

§ Putting Drills


Play Round of Golf

As you can see, the plan creates a structure around Joe Golfer’s goals. Over time if he sticks to his plan. He will achieve his goals.

Remember, at the professional level of golf, improvement is a key to success. If you desire to become successful at the game of golf, determine how you can improve your golf game. Ask yourself the “hard questions” and answer them truthfully. Set up a series of goals for your golf game and implement a realistic plan to reach those goals. Stick to your plan and your golf game will improve.

Sean Cochran


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