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Energy Boosts Motivation — The Ideal Way To Start Your Day

Energy Boosts Motivation — The Ideal Way To Start Your Day

Motivation needs energy before it can empower you to achieve your targets, and how much energy you start the day with depends very much on how you start your day.
If you’ve ever overslept, skipped breakfast, been late for work and made a mess of everything you’ve touched all day, you won’t need much convincing that things started to go wrong before your feet had even touched the floor, and left you trying unsuccessfully to put things right all day.
On the other hand, when you’re confident and full of energy, the chances are you’ve felt good from the moment you got out of bed.
A good start to the day can help you make good use of opportunities, deal effectively with difficulties, feel full of zest and energy, and get more fun from everything you do — and making a good start’s not down to chance.
So how can you make sure you start the day the way you want to? Here are 5 tips to help you take — and keep — control.
1) Get up half an hour earlier. Forget any negative associations getting up early might have ever had for you. This time, it’s about making sure you start the day by making time for YOU.
You can’t cram the other 4 tips into an already overcrowded schedule, so if you want your day to go the way you want it to, it’s worthwhile to take an extra 30 minutes to prepare for it. Besides, these techniques are going to be enjoyable — this is YOUR time, so luxuriate in it!
2) Stand in front of an open window and do some breathing exercises. Start with your feet flat on the floor and your arms by your sides, then rise SLOWLY on to your toes. As you do, breathe in as deeply as you can and bring your arms slowly upwards till your hands meet above your head, then slowly, gently and without strain, reach as far upwards as you can.
Staying in that position, hold your breath for a count of 5, then slowly breathe out as you return to your previous position. It’s a good idea to start by doing this 5 times, though if you want to you can gradually start doing more.
If you find you need some extra energy or inspiration through the day, you might want to look for a chance to repeat this exercise, even if the only place that you can find’s the rest room! Learning to control your breathing’s an important part of relaxation, stress control, clear thinking and vitality, and you just can’t take too many opportunities to practice it.
3) Have a light but nourishing breakfast. Too many calories will make you sluggish – but too few, or none at all, can adversely affect your mental energy. Experiment until you find what’s right for you – fruit juice, toast and marmalade are a good place to start.
4) As you enjoy your breakfast, think of something exhilarating that you plan to do today (and if you haven’t anything exhilarating lined up yet, this is a good moment to start making plans! ).
Spend a few minutes feeling grateful for some of the good things in your life.
What are the things that make you feel the happiest? What are the things, and who are the people, that you really love? What do you most like to do? Where do you most like to be? Think of some things that make you feel on top of the world, and feel deep gratitude.
No matter what your situation, there’s something or someone in your life you can be grateful for. Even if things are so bad that the only thing you have to hold to is a dream, be thankful for that. Many people live empty lives for lack of a dream worth getting out of bed for, so treasure yours.
What really makes your heart sing? Focus on it.
5) Spend a few minutes thinking about the main ambition that you have. It doesn’t matter if that’s how you earn your living right now. Focus on the things you want to do. Dwell lovingly on every detail of your goal, and how great you’re going to feel when you achieve it. Even if what you’re doing at the moment’s just the day-job that lets you pay the bills for now, see whatever you have to do today as step towards achieving your ambition.
Plan at least one step that you can take today towards your main ambition. Even if your schedule’s already crammed full with the things you really have to do today, you’ll do them all much faster, better and with a lighter heart for knowing that at least some time will be devoted to your dearest dream. Besides, the only way you’ll ever get there will be by taking steps in that direction, so right now’s as good a time and place as any to begin!
When you start to practice these techniques you’ll probably find yourself developing individual variations on them. That’s fine – the important thing’s to find what works for YOU, and helps you start your day with all the feelings of energy, motivation, confidence, vitality, self-worth and empowerment which will help you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.


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