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PE Teacher Plays Fastest Ever Hole of Golf

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Speed golfer Steve Jeffs recently gave slow players something to think about by breaking the Guinness world record for the fastest hole of golf ever played. By Will Trinkwon

PE Teacher Plays Fastest Ever Hole of Golf

PE Teacher Plays Fastest Ever Hole of Golf

With slow play still a big issue at golf clubs up and down the country, golfers may want to take a leaf out of Steve Jeffs’ book.

A tardy 18 holes isn’t often a problem for the PE Teacher, who recently broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest hole of golf ever played.

Steve sped through the 500-yard par-5 1st hole at Tiverton Golf Club in only 1 minute and 50 seconds, breaking the previous record of 1 minute and 52 seconds which had stood since 2005.

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The 31-year-old 8-handicapper had several attempts at the run, but, dramatically, it was only on his final attempt of the day that Steve finally toppled the record.

Holding his nerve under pressure, Jeffs kicked off his world-beating hole with a towering drive down the middle of the fairway, before sprinting almost 300 yards to his ball, taking a few second to gather his focus and then firing off another great shot just short of the green.

He speedily spun up his chip to just inside 6 foot from the cup and then ran up and two-putted for his par.

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Because of Guinness’s strict rulings, Steve had to carry every club that he used the full length of the 500-yard hole, meaning that he not only sprinted almost a third of a mile, but also had to shoulder a heavy golf bag.

It’s a good job then that Steve is no stranger to getting through golf holes at breakneck speed.

The PE teacher is a member of the British Speedgolf association, for whom he is a “longtime ambassador”, and regularly whips round 18 holes in under an hour.

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He hopes that his record-breaking heroics will encourage others to get into speed golf and “show his students and daughter the importance of fitness”.

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