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Relationships And Golf

Relationships And Golf

There is no other sport in the world that helps to build relationships like the game of golf.
Whether you are trying to tie the knot to a business deal or looking to open a new course, you will need to form relationships. And with golf, this can be done in no time at all.

A great example of this is when a new golf course opens up. Regardless of what area it is in, in order for it to thrive relationships are going to have to be built. If you are the one in charge of harnessing these relationships you will not only have to get in touch with investors, but you will also have to cater to the needs of prospective players as well.

This is exactly what the Santa Ana Golf Club did when they opened their doors a few years back. At first, they were having a hard time getting any traffic on the course. After all, it was relatively new and the town was not exactly a hot bed of people moving through it on a daily basis.

In order to up their traffic, the club simply offered a price that golfers from the area could not refuse. For a round of golf on weekdays they were charging $14, and on the weekends $18. This allowed anybody to play a top notch course without having to spend too much money. And as more and more players showed up because of the price, more and more relationships were formed. This went a long way in securing repeat customers. The first year that the club offered these prices, approximately 27,000 rounds of golf were played.

From there, the club began to form relationships with sponsors and tour directors. In 1993, the Nike Tour decided to have a tournament at the course. This helped to put the course on the map, and since then things have taken off. This first event has led to an average of more than 150 events per year during its busy season.

Even though this may all seem like a dream, it was accomplished by forging relationships on both personal and business levels. It is safe to say that the Santa Ana Golf Club knows how to deal with people, and can offer inspiration to golfers and businesses from all over.


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