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Ground Zero; The Inward Significance.

Ground Zero; The Inward Significance.

“Ground Zero”, The ultimate & inexpressible meaning is itself in the name or a caption.
Holy “GITA” of India says that,” We could not and will not able to stop something that is meant to happen, But Intention behind whatever happens; Whether it is good or bad, it always comes with the good things or happens for the good things.”
This fact has been proved billions of times practically.
The unethical and inhuman acts done in Mumbai, Kashmir, New York & Russia, It was bad, but comes with the good things (As stated by holy GITA) that is, it enlightened and increased the sense & intensity of humanity, unity & empathy among the peoples in the world.
Yes, that moment & time was absolutely bad and terrible, but it gave us a two good thing that is 1) an inspiration to be more powerful and to fight against the bad things with united efforts. 2) second, Motivation to practice, perform & commit good things for the peoples all around.
Ground Zero is not just outward physical appearance, but the inward significance of the duties and responsibilities to the peace and harmony in the world and among the peoples.
There is something we can’t get after we lost, but surely we will get something that we really trust with belief, faith & a prayer.
Ground Zero is an Inspiration, An Inspiration to take a victory of good over bad.
Ground Zero is not just a place, It is a thing of a heart.
Expressing sympathy on 9/11 or 13/12 of every year will not create any difference and change, instead we have to take united actions to change the mind of bad guys who have certain set of sort of attitude and mind, for that we have to fight.
Thanks for your time consideration
Nilesh Gore


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