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Tiger Woods gets into the Christmas spirit as ‘Mac Daddy Santa’

You can’t cage this Tiger.
Image: tiger woods, twitter.

Here are Tiger Woods’ nipples coming at you live and direct in real-time thanks to the magic of the global town square.

Without further ado, the tweet in question:

That’s, um, wow there’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s start with the replies to Woods’ “Mac Daddy Santa” post. As you’d expect, they were highly entertaining in their own right.

Before we go on, there’s a bit of an actual dark side to this weird post. Woods famously had something of a “mac daddy” persona during the height of his career, which led to extramarital affairs, which led to his divorce from the mother of his children.

So yeah … there’s that. But enough serious talk.

There were memes! Yes, let’s get into the memes.

Anyway, congrats on reading to the bottom of this post. We’d like to say you’re smarter for it, but fear that’s actually not at all the case.

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