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They Fooled Him For The Seventh Time In A Row – Spirituality Information

They Fooled Him For The Seventh Time In A Row – Spirituality Information

What if the top ten billionaires in the world die today?
Is the world going to change?

No Way!

What if the top ten sportspersons in the world die today? Is the world to change

No Way!

What if the top ten spiritual leaders pass away? Is the world going to change?

No Way!

What if ten ordinary people die today? Is the world going to change?

Of Course, Yes!

Ordinary people run this world. Extraordinary ones are not part of this world,they are seeking a different world, a world beyond wealth and fame, a world which they have yet to come to terms with….

Ordinary people are still fighting it out for money. They have to work everyday to earn money. If they do not go to work for a day they are not paid.. They have to work everyday to achieve their goals, their ambitions. Ordinary people work for extraordinary ones… They are talented but they lack the capacity to invent…, to think beyond their talents… Ordinary people feed extraordinary ones…..

If an ordinary person dies, close ones may mourn for his/her death but the death of an ordinary person causes more grief to a wealthy person because he/she has lost a source of revenue…. The world wants ordinary persons to be born everyday and so everything that you see and read in this world is ordinary. Take any newspaper , pick up any magazine,walk in to any school or any elite educational institute…. all that these people are doing are glamorizing extraordinary individuals…They are talking about motivation,goals,ambitions,hard work,discipline,control and what not…. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know that none of these qualities/traits make up a great person…. All these traits are good to have but they do not transform an individual from an ordinary person to an extraordinary one….They are only scratching at the surface….They know for sure you will never be able to empower yourself. They show you how to find a ray of hope but they cannot tell you how to follow your divine light …

Here is the greatest secret my dear friend…. It takes only moments to lift yourself from an ordinary individual to an extraordinary one. It takes only moments…. It might takes years for the world to notice and applaud you as an extraordinary individual but the baby steps for becoming the Lord’s favourite child takes only moments, that slight shift in your thinking pattern, that unique sense of observing things and not falling for them, the capacity to understand that silence is more powerful than action, the realisation which dawns to you that you have a far greater responsibility and commitment towards your Higher self than to anyone else in this world….

The era of self help is gone. This is the era of self realisation. Ordinary people have for long been fooled by extraordinary and wealthy ones… No more will this happen. Never again will they dare to do this… Let the wealthy and extraordinary ones teach control,discipline,hard work,ambition and goals to their children… You don’t need any of them. You will learn only one thing day in and day out from today … Figure out for yourself what that one thing would be….

I have done my homework. I chose education of my higher self as my only inspiration in this world… I chose not to start from bottom and reach to the top. I found a backdoor to start from the top ….. and so can you…. Think about it….When i can do it so to can you…..

Ordinary people are the Lord’s favourite child. They run the world. But a far greater and wonderful world is waiting with open arms for you my dear friend. Go for It……

Empower Yourself Today,This Very Moment And Take The First Bold Step In Your Life..


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