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The #1 Sin Made by Success Seekers!

The #1 Sin Made by Success Seekers!

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to make their dreams a reality while others’ hopes and dreams remain only a fantasy? What is it that propels some people to higher level of fulfillment; lifestyle and happiness while others remain stuck at the lover level their entire lives? Life is too short to waste on a treadmill, which makes us feel stuck and unhappy. We are not born to wake up each day to fulfill obligations and then to fall wearily into our beds at the end of the day.
Many books, CDs and seminars promise the quick fix and magic pill to make all your dreams come true or solve all your problems. What participants experienced is temporary motivation that fizzles out when days go by. The answer lies not in motivation, but inspiration.
Motivation is simply a result of inspiration. When you are inspired, your life takes on a new meaning and you embark on a wonderful journey with the assurance that you are going somewhere.
It is when life gets empty; we either occupy ourselves with diversions and unworthy distractions.
Or, we can set out on worthy quests to reach higher levels of fulfillment. We need to know that true success comes from inspiration and not from the mere doses of short-lived motivation. Knowing that inspiration rather than motivation is the key to success is already half the battle won. Seek inspiration instead motivation and you will be greatly empowered in life to fulfill your great destiny!


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