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Strategies for the Redemptive Self

Strategies for the Redemptive Self

Easy strategies to redeem yourself

There are various instances when a person faces problems with others and these differences create hatred and bitterness in the heart, which in turn turns into sins. To know one’s sins and trying to overcome them is the greatest factor that contributes in the redemption of the self.

To keep your mind and soul free from evil thoughts it is important to reduce the level of stress that hampers your overall self-development. This stress can be due to various reasons like family problems, personal differences or financial crisis. Therefore, one needs to relieve the mind from tensions so as to concentrate on the negative thoughts and trying methods to come out of the trap of the evil.

There are various strategies that contribute in the redemptive self-process. Firstly, it is crucial that an individual should nurture his or her character, as one’s character is the biggest tool that helps to fight the evils that crop inside us. If one has some evils inside one’s soul but the character is strong, it will be an added advantage as a good character keeps a healthy reputation. However, at the same time one should work for shedding off these sins so as to redeem one’s own self.

Secondly, one needs to have an open and positive approach towards life. If a person knows, what his or her shortcomings are but do not work towards mending them, the process of redemption will not be complete and that will contribute in hampering the development of the personality. Inspiration is also one of the powerful strategies in the redemptive self-process as an individual gains motivation from the one he or she inspires. The inspiration should be a positive one so that the good qualities are transferred to the person and that helps in removal of sins from one’s mind and soul.

Other than inspiration, mental exercises, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and naturopathy also contributes tremendously in the redemptive self-process. Aromatherapy is a treatment that involves the usage of essential oils, which help in rejuvenating and relaxing the mind. When our mind is relaxed and calm, all the negative thoughts and evil perception is blown out of it and is replaced by positive thinking and rational outlook. The fragrance of these oils contribute in creating a soothing atmosphere in the mind of an individual and the person starts improving and working on the weaknesses so that redemption of the self is possible in the true sense.

Meditation has also been an important therapy that has shown great results in calming the mind of an individual and taking off the negative factors so that the person enjoys a happy and healthy life. While meditating, you literally spend time in solace with yourself and by this way; you are able to listen to your inner voice of mind and soul. When an individual spends time in total silence with oneself, the voice of the mind and soul can be heard that will take the person towards the right path to success and will force to shed off the evil thinking and actions that are the greatest obstacles in the path of success.

Naturopathy is also an effective method that uses natural extracts and products to cure people’s negative thinking. A large number of people admire and accept this treatment because of its fabulous results and no side effects policy. Therefore, these natural therapies are gaining wide popularity for redemption of the self.

Last but not the least, these strategies have to be carefully employed so as to cure one’s evil thoughts easily and without any ill effects.


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