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New Video Shows A DazedTiger Woods Taking Breathalyzer Tests

New video footage shows how badly Tiger Woods reacted to the combination of medications that he says led to his DUI arrest on Monday.

In the above video that thePalm Beach Post published Friday, the golf great moves slowly and appears dazed as police officers administer a breathalyzer test on him.Woods can be seen slumping over while seated in a chair before the test.

After completing the first test, an official tells Woods he can take a seat before the next one. However, he remains standing, wobbling, then leaning against a wall for support.

At 6:25 in the video, Woods walks toward the officer and says, I cant unlock my two bracelets. He then turns around to show the officers his hands. The officials laugh and tell him theyll take the handcuffs off soon.

The breathalyzer tests took place almost two hoursafter Woods initial arrest.

Days after policearrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence, Woods explained in a statement that his bizarre behavior was caused by an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications not alcohol.

The breathalyzer results appear to support his claim: Woods scored .000on two different tests, according to Sports Illustrated. Among the medications that Woods told police he had taken was the opioid pain reliever Vicodin.

The golfer apologized and took responsibility for his actions, vowing to do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.

Woods had his fourth back surgery in April, which will keep him from golfing competitively for the rest of the year.

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