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Murder Your Motivation – Spirituality Information

Murder Your Motivation – Spirituality Information

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For ten years i made the same mistake again and again…. I cannot recall a single morning when i got up full of energy and raring to go. There was nothing which motivated me. I used to work for the best companies across the world but they mattered very little deep down within me. I wanted to do something else, something so big and so unique that has never been done before. The biggest mistake i made was I thought that i can achieve all my dreams only if do it full time and quit my job…. I did not have the guts to quit my job and so i just thought and thought about my dream and did nothing else about it … One fine day however ….

It was Jan 12th 2004. I was doing very well as an employee. Great salaries,top position and it was all looking very good for me from the outside. But my deepest intention of being a full time motivational writer remained only a thought and nothing more…. I can still recall that day . I was so frustrated that i locked myself in a room and screamed to my dreams within” Never again bother me . Get out of my life and let be be the ordinary man i always was.Get lost right now !” I stabbed my dreams a dozen times and murdered it so that it never troubled me again….

By evening of that day i was feeling very light as if a huge responsibility had been taken away from my shoulders. I killed my dreams and now i was free.. I had no pressure. It seemed to me that I was carrying a mountain of dreams for the last seven years without fulfilling any of them. I felt as if it was the best thing to happen to me.. Now watch what happened during the next two weeks…

Jan 13th 2004…. I get up at 4.30 am . I am so happy . I don’t know why…. I listen to my favorite music and then I sit for meditation. I head to my workplace after having breakfast..

Jan 14th 2004…. I get up again at 5.00 am and am feeling very calm within. I don’t know why….

This continued for two weeks and then on ….

Jan 28th 2004…. Something very strange happened in my morning meditation. It was as if someone entered into me from outside and was not willing to go out….. The experience was very strange….That someone i later realized was my Inspiration, my real goal, my dream, my life and my purpose in this world.That was my real intention and God was kind enough to reveal it to me. From that day on a voice within spoke continuously to me that my real purpose in life is to build centers where Life changing thoughts are preached and that help will come as i gain strength and momentum in my internal world… This experience did not leave from then on… It caught me by the neck and reminded me of my real intention every day…. Slowly but surely i made progress in my internal world. I did not experience any frustration…. Now i had a great dream, and the plans for achieving those dreams were revealed daily to me from a source far greater than me which was genuine. These plans did not come all at a stretch but they came in bits and pieces as was necessary . I was warned from that day on that i will listen to two voices and i should be capable of recognizing the force of God…

Within one year i quit my job. I did not try hard to quit my job . My job disappeared all by itself.. I am still far of from reaching my goals but i have a dream and it just does go out not even if i scream or stab it a dozen times. This dream is genuine and rock solid …..

The two most important definitions you have to learn in life are Motivation and Inspiration. Motivation is when you go after a goal,or a dream and set plans to achieve it…. This could be many times frustrating and on most occasions even after you achieve your so called dreams you are not happy. But inspiration is something totally different… In the case of Inspiration the dream gets hold of you instead of you going after the dreams. It works its way inside of you and just does not leave you. You are forced to take action…. Inspiration is genuine and is the force of God … Motivation is good but is man made…

Don’t go after things in circle. Murder your motivation today to allow Inspiration to take over. It could be the best thing that could happen to you…. Motivation is cheap, inspiration is genuine. When you are motivated you have to run after things, when you are inspired things work in your favor. Both good and bad events take you to your dreams… It might take a while for you to experience all this but this knowledge should be nailed at the back of your mind….

There are three basic steps you could take starting today as you proceed to murder your motivation.


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