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Golfers Get Three Aces On Same Day

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Three Oxford golfers achieve the unbelievable feat of getting three holes-in-one in the same day. By Will Trinkwon

Golfers Get Three Aces On Same Day

Three amateur golfers achieved the incredible accomplishment of getting three hole-in-ones on the very same day at Oxford Golf Club.

The aces were all registered on the club’s challenging 201-yard par-3 15th.

The par-3 is usually one of the toughest holes on the course, but Michael Bidmead (72), Milos Bilic (51) and Alan Green (60) made it look easy when they swept through the hole in a combined 6-under-par.

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Even more amazingly, two of the three aces were achieved within only a handful of seconds of each other.

Bidmead and Bilic were playing together when they both pulled out a 6 iron and took aim at the partially-hidden pin.

Milos lead the way, flushing one straight at the flag, before Michael, taking inspiration from his playing partner’s heroics, swiftly followed him in.

Both players were optimistic about their shots in the air, but because the 15th green is sunk below a ridge, the pair only realised they’d made the two aces when they dared to think “the impossible” and looked in the hole.

Upon finding the balls, Milos and Michael, who have handicaps of 10 and 7, were, in their own words, “buzzing” and “punching the air with delight”.

“It’s [all] a bit of a blur,” said Milos.

“Still struggling to believe the ridiculous coincidence. I’ve been playing golf 18 years and it was my first hole in one,” he continued.

“The following week I teed off on the 15th and ended up an inch away from the hole – it’ll probably be another 18 years before I hit lucky again!”

Oxford Golfers Get Three Holes-in-One in One Day

Alan Green, Milos Bilic and Michael Bidmead (Left to right) achieved their hole-in-ones on the testing par 3 15th

While Milos had never had a hole-in-one before, this one was, remarkably, Michael’s tenth…yes you read that right, TENTH.

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Tipping his cap to his playing partner, however, the 72-year-old was keen to stress that this was “probably the best one – it was brilliant to share that magical feeling with Milos.”.

The two golfers ran into an equally jubilant Alan Green when they bounced into the clubhouse to uphold the time-honoured tradition of buying everyone at the bar a drink.

Like Michael and Milos, Alan was also anticipating an expensive tab following an identical hole in the one earlier in the morning.

Green, who also achieved his ace using a 6 iron, said “It was my first hole in one and I’ve been playing 38 years.

“I was delighted, a few of my friends have got holes in one and it is something you dream about, so it felt fantastic.

“When I went back to the club the following week I couldn’t believe it when some of the boys told me Michael and Milos had also aced the 15th!”

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The odds of two people acing the same hole consecutively are over seventeen million to one, and the chances of three in one day are even more mind-boggling.

Michael, Milos and Alan’s amazing trio of aces then are unlikely to be replicated any time soon.

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