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Golfers Cant Believe Their Eyes When Beginner Takes First Swing And Lands Hole-In-One

As every serious playerknows, golf is a game that’s all about skill, mental strength, and,of course,luck!

And this beginner golferis full of it…luck, that is,when she takes her first swing and lands every golfer’s dream. As she prepares to tee off, she gently bounces her knees and tightens her grasp on the club before swinging it back and taking a solid whack at the ball.

A soft hollow clink echoes across the green as the ball takes flight, gently arching through the air towards the mound and fading into the distance.

“Nice! Oh, it fit the flag!” compliments one of the women, as another voice chimes announces, “Hole-in-one!”

The woman swings around toward the voice, eyes widening in disbelief as she excitedly points the club toward the hole and exclaiming, “I think it went down the f*ing hole!”

Immediately, she tosses aside the club and bolts across the field to verify her victory. Her friends laugh breathlessly as they watch her gallopingacross the lawn.

The woman lets out a shrill scream, repeatedly shouting, “I got a hole-in-one!!” and waving around the little white ball as she rushes back towards her friends.

“I’ve never had a hole-in-one” Her friend shouts, “And you do it…”

Though a little green with envy, her friends shower her in congratulations and high-fives. I mean, really. Can you really not celebrate a hole-in-one…even if it isn’t yours? If you found this woman’sreaction to her golf victory adorable, be sure to SHARE it with your golfing buddies.

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