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Golf Training

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Are you ever anxious to improve your scorecard? Who wouldn’t? After all, no one wants to be the duffer all the time. And being the target for tips and instructions on the 19th hole can be trying at times. So leave your worries to the next man in line and embark now on your long and arduous golf training.

Arduous? Long? You bet. Golf is a game of patience and precision. If you have ever played at the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass Stadium you will begin to understand how precision is so vital to holes like the Island Green 17th hole. A tiny miscalculation will earn you a spot underwater, along all the balls of those who had tried to challenge the 17th. Anyway, you’re still on the maiden voyage of golf training so just stick first to the basic challenge.

Perhaps the most trying challenge for novice golfers is the ability to perform a correct golf swing and for most, this is one large mountain. Golf swings are disgracefully hard to perform even a marginally correct execution. Just a fraction of angle on the club face and a banana will effect. And that is only one aspect of the four basic rules of contact you have to watch for.

To start your golf training, a firm understanding to the four basic rules of contact should be beneficial. The first rule is how the face of the club affects the curve. A slight angle gives the ball in flight a spin that causes a curve. Next is the nature of the golf swing. The path of the swing will bring the ball to that direction –initially. Next is the how the golf ball is hit, the angle of which the ball contacts the club face affects trajectory. Hitting the ball underneath gives a “lob”, a high trajectory with minimal range perfect for clearing deep bunkers. The last is of course the swing power or the swing speed which is proportional to the distance the ball will travel.

Golf swing is best learned by observation and experience. No words can dictate a proper golf swing. The best course would be to observe the textbook swings of those PGA Tour golfers and see if you can emulate the form. Then you should ask the help of a professional golf instructor to judge and correct what you have been doing.

Golf training aids are very useful supplementary for correcting your strokes. Notably the Golf Dust Golf Impact Indicator is useful in identifying the problem of your swings. You can get is at where a 2.70 oz can is enough for approximately 150 applications and would cost you around $16.45 USD.

In a nutshell, a game of golf when grounded until its basal form is really a battle of who throws the perfect golf swings. One might argue of the strategic elements of a golf course, but hey, most bail out attempts is mostly due to confidence issues regarding golf swings.


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