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Freak golf cart accident kills two tourists in Thailand

(CNN)Two men have died after one of their golf carts rammed the other into a river on a course in northern Thailand.

The man driving the second cart dived into the river in an attempt to rescue the first pair, Police Major Chucheev Phumchiaw told CNN. Earlier reports suggested that the women were driving the second cart.
A local fisherman rescued the woman who ended up in the water, but the bodies of the two men — Sung Jun-yong, 68, and Ha Jae-oong, 76 — were found in the Nan River, downstream from where the incident occurred.
    “Their wives said both are able to swim but I think the cause of drowning was the strong undercurrent,” district police Lieutenant Colonel Suwat Suawatmontri told AFP.
    Sung Jun-yong’s body was found later Tuesday, while Ha Jae-oong’s body was recovered on Thursday. The men had arrived in Thailand with their wives two days before the accident, police said.
    Police said they were looking into the safety of the raft and seeking to determine whether the incident was preventable.
      In July, Thailand came under fire from Chinese social media and newspapers, after two boats carrying Chinese tourists capsized off the coast of Phuket, killing more than 40 people.
      CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect new information from Thai police regarding the drivers of the golf carts.

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