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Donald Trump Can’t Even Follow The Rules AT GOLF!

Wow. Isn’t golf the only thing

Basically, the green has to be immaculate. Imperfections like, say, tire marks, could affect crucial putts in major tournaments — you know, like the U.S. Women’s Open that’s taking place on that very course in a couple weeks.

So now the groundskeeper has to spend a lot of time fixing this — all so Trump could avoid walking like FIFTEEN FEET. Seriously, greens are small.

Of course, the POTUS has said he doesn’t believe in exercise. Maybe he’s just not trying to use up the precious finite charges his body has.*

We should also note that this was at the Trump National Golf Club — meaning he does actually own everything. So he’s not going to get in trouble or anything.

But if you take a shit in the pool the neighborhood kids play in, it doesn’t make it any less of a gross thing to do if it’s YOUR POOL.

*something our president actually believes…

[Image via Twitter.]

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